Tutuli Means Beautiful

Tutuli Means Beautiful

Specializing in quality California flowers and greenery

Tutuli Flower Farms in San Marcos, California is a grower and shipper of assorted flowers, eucalyptus, and greenery for the wholesale and mass markets in the US and Canada. You can trust us to cut and ship the freshest and most beautiful blooms you’ll find anywhere.

Why Choose Us

We are dedicated to producing quality products that bring joy to our customers. Our farms are located in the California growing regions and Mexico, allowing us to grow a wider variety of flowers than others. Our efforts have earned us a reputation as the California grower to rely on for the best flowers on the market.

Our Business Philosophy

We believe there is no room for marginal quality. As such, our company focuses on overcoming the challenges that come with growing flowers in tough environments.

Our Packing Facility

We process and ship our products in an area with more than 10,000 square feet of cooler space. It ensures we limit contaminants and temperature leaks to ensure our customers receive the freshest flowers possible.

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