About Us

  • Seven years ago, Hugo Cruz, the managing partner, developed the strategy of augmenting Tutuli’s California growing season by adding diverse and outlying growing locations to the local collection of fields. With the alliance of family farms and associated growers, we were able to extend our California growing season to maximize seasonal availability and floral variety.
  • We believe in a simple floral-centered business philosophy based on two important concepts – quality and service. It’s true, these terms often get tossed around and lumped into every company’s description but we work towards these concepts every day. In today’s tough floral environment, we believe there is no room for marginal quality. Our choice in floral variety or cut stage is done with the quality of the final retail sale in mind. We invest in our final product so that our customers can turn the product quickly, simply because it’s beautiful and fresh.
  • We are a family business and together with our sales staff, we have more than 30 years experience in the industry. The matriarch of the family, Rebecca Cruz Gilliland likes to say “if you aren’t going forward, you are going backward” and it’s a philosophy we keep in mind. We try to stay innovative and fresh. We grow new varieties alongside the staples and are constantly searching for new products to add to our availability list. We welcome suggestions and hope our commitment to quality shows in every shipment. But as Mama says, the proof is in the pudding or chille rellano, in her case.
  • All of our flowers are treated with appropriate, scientifically tested preservatives and kept at the lowest tolerable temperature throughout the distribution process. Thus, our customers are always supplied with top quality fresh flowers. By carefully planning and coordinating production with our farms, we also provide customers with ample supplies of top quality fresh cut flower on peak demand occasions.

Established in 2005

Tutuli Flower Farms is a grower and shipper of quality fresh cut flowers and fillers for the North American, wholesale and mass markets. Since 2005, we have provided superior products with exceptional customer service. With growing regions in California and various regions in Mexico. Tutuli Flower Farms services its customers with a wider variety of fresh cut flowers and green from our farms. Shipping from Southern California to anywhere in the United States and Canada.

Recently relocated to our new state of the art packing facility, where we process, pack and ship our flowers within our temperature controlled cold chain managed warehouse. Our new facility with over 10,000 sq. ft. of temperature controlled cooler space counts with sealed docks to ensure against energy loss, airborne contaminates temperature leaks in order to insure the freshest flowers possible

From the beginning we have distinguished our products from the rest by insisting on a higher standard of quality than the competition. As a result, we have earned a reputation as the California grower to rely on when you require the best flowers on the market.